Alternative build based on Zimbra 9 OSS

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This project

Please check this project to report any useful information you want to communicate to us that can be interesting to the community : BeeZoss

The goal of this project is to provide binaries based on Zimbra source code.

Open source version of Zimbra based on 9.0.X branch of GPLv2 source from Zimbra as located at which is licensed from Synacor, Inc. under these terms.

Zimbra 9 and FOSS

Zimbra V9 have the following licence :

  • GPLv2 zimbra backend
  • CPAL for old front end
  • Closed licence for new UI : will not be available in this build

Please also read the Synacor's FAQ about the licences.

Zimbra 9 is the latest Zimbra version, sadly, binaries for installation are not available for opensource version of the product.

Got source ? Got computer ? Let's make binaries

You can consider the following binaries as the CentOS version of the RedHat src rpms.

This is not officials builds, use at your own risk.

Actually, the binaries are provided directly from the Zimbra source code without any modification. Upgrade from existing installation should be possible.

What's your plan with this ?

Let us know if you have any interest in this project, if people interested, we can provide:

  • support
  • custom packages
  • fixes
  • object storage connectors (OpenIO, S3, Swift, Ceph)
  • backup tools
  • new skin Ui
  • minimal admin delegation
  • ...

Roadmap to be defined.


This is our current Roadmap, feel free to suggest other steps.

  • Build CentOS 7 version based on 9.0.0 sources : DONE
  • Installation test : DONE
  • Build Ubuntu 18.08 version based on 9.0.0 sources : DONE
  • Integration to Gitlab CI for automated build for RH7/U16/U18 : DONE
  • Upgrade test RH7 from 8.8.15 : DONE
  • Upgrade test U18 from 8.8.15 : NeedHelp
  • Integration to Gitlab CI for automated deployment
  • Integration to Gitlab CI for automated upgrade test
  • Integration to Gitlab CI for automated build on new Zimbra release
  • Integration to Gitlab CI for automated nightly build ! In progress
  • Build own dockers for builds : DONE
  • Build for RH8
  • Custom build In progress
  • DAST integration
  • Publish Unit test results
  • Automated perf tests
  • RspamD integration
  • Zimlet Security score
  • ? setup community reviewed releases ?

How can I help ?

You can : * download the following binaries, and install in your environment or upgrade existing platform and tell us how it is going for you * tell us what you want to integrate in Zimbra, new RFE, modules, ... and vote for current propositions * Use the github project BeeZoss to report issues, rfe, tests results...

Please note that this is ATM a spare time project, best effort driven.


Let us know if you have any feedback on the provided binaries or if you need binaries for other platforms.

BeeZoss Downloads

Unofficial 9.0.0 GA binary Release provided by BeeZim : NOT PRODUCTION READY
Platform Downloads

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 / CentOS 6


Oracle Linux 6


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 / CentOS 7

RHEL7_64 (MD5)   

Oracle Linux 7


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

UBUNTU18_64 (MD5)   

Any question?